Details foil wrist watch style – reviews on three Swiss watches

Rado R14074102 watch

The simple elegant hale and hearty and modest Rado watch is very suitable for men to wear. Watches watchcase 41 mm in diameter is made of lasma high-tech ceramic material, internal the watch it is carrying with the automatic mechanical movement. On the wrist watch silver dial it is applying with fine delicate golden pointer and time scale, the modelling of the pointer is traditional, but delicate modelling at the same time is also very classic, and the time reading is simple and clear; In six o’clock position on the watch dial there sets the date display window. The watch case is covered the sapphire crystal mirror glass, and it is matching with the grey chain watch strap. The waterproof of this watch is 100 meters deep.

Patek Philippe 5002P platinum watch

As one of the most famous watch king, the popularity of this wrist watch is so high, I believe that there is because it has the moonphrase display, and not because of the cost performance, even not because it is owing many watches friends. But its high price and complex functions make all friends be of great interest to it. Of course, this watch you can just look on the Internet, as if you want to meet in real life it is very difficult, all middle class people even don’t hope to have it, this is not we can have. The watch is carrying with the manual mechanical movement, and the watch case is made of 950 platinum and the watch strap is made of leather material. It is in the diameter of 42.8mm.

Rolex Milguass 116400GV-1 Automatic-Blue Dial watch

Different from the two watches mentioned above, the Rolex Milguass recommended here is famous for its lightening hands and its blue dial which let people feel shinning at the first sight. Its performance is without doubt at most of the extremely hard environment because of the quality guarantee from the Rolex brand. You will be attractive while wearing this Rolex watch to have sporty activities or go to work.

Swiss Luxury Watches

Everyone must have heard of the term “Swiss-made” before, but where did it all really came from? The history of Swiss watches started way back in the sixteenth century in Geneva when faith based leader Jean Calvin was able to achieve a great amount of influence even in the political aspect of the state. Calvin also played a part in the prohibiting of jewelry and wearing them in public. In order for them to make a living, jewelers in the country had to resort to watch-making. A new craft was established because of this, which in turn increased the competition for this particular industry. Watch makers had to think of new strategies and innovative system in order for them to be able to keep a pace ahead of their competitors.

Some of those classic methods in watch making are still used today. In 1770, the Perpetual watch system was developed by Abraham Louis Perrelet. It was the precursor of today’s self-winding watches. During the early 1800s, Louis Moinet invented the first ever chronograph watch to be mass produced. At present, the global market for Swiss made luxury watches are continually increasing. For hundreds of years, Swiss made watches were able to maintain the same prestige and precision in their watch making technology. This is also one of the major reasons why luxury Swiss made watches are more expensive than other similar type of watches in the market.

But for those who cannot afford the prestigious prices of these watches, another option is available. There are lots of Swiss replica watches available in the market that are made and designed just like the original. The best place to start your search for quality Swiss replica watches is the internet. There are lots of online stores that offer a wide collection of Swiss replica watches where you can choose according to the design, style, and make.

Through time and space – Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II

In the 1954 Basel World, no matter it was for the rolex watch company or the world watch altar, it was worthy memorizing. This year, rolex company on the Basel World showed the Explorer watch which was specially designed for the sporty man, and the Submariner which was specially designed for diver and the Turn – 0 – Graph for general consumers, turning the concept of the Utility Watch into the real concrete image, and revolutionizing the coquettish trends of the whole watch industry. This achievement was Joint efforts of the results of the rolex all staffs, but the rolex’s public relations director Rene-Paul Jeanneret, who itself was a number of sports enthusiasts actually also contributed a lot on the concept of molding and shaping. It is also due to the rolex’s design and producing on Utility Watch lead the world, that attracted the world’s largest airline Pan Am Pan – Am company’s strong interest, and they hoped Rolex can specially design a practical watch for pilots to move between each time zones. After Pan Am and Rene – Paul Jeanneret approached, two companies cooperated together to make the success of the famous Rolex GMT-Master.

Pan Am has dispatched the world famous air combat hero captain Frederick Libby to provide technical advice, while Jeanneret conceived that on the watch circle added a rotating twenty-four hours bezel, and added a pointer on the face plate to indicate the idea of the time of the second timezone.

The first GMT-Master watch of the Ref.6542 is a rolex watch that is matching with the date window Cyclops. In 1956, the second time zone outer ring of the Rolex GMT – Master changed the plastic material into the metal material that has been using until today. GMT – Master is officially designated of Pan Am flight plan, the company allocated a GMT – Master for each top executives, pilots and navigators.