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Colombia Medical Tourism

With the increasing costs of medical procedures in the US, South America is becoming a popular option among medical tourists looking for cheaper yet reliable health care and one of the top destinations is Colombia. Colombia is most renowned for treatments like advanced cardiovascular surgery, complex organ transplant surgeries, as well as the more common ophthalmology treatments and cosmetic surgeries. The quality of medical treatments is exceptional, as Colombian clinics are known to maintain high standards comparable to the US and European countries.  Medical tourists who take advantage of medical services in Colombia have the opportunity to explore a new culture and exotic location.

Colombia has treated patients from all over the world for decades; especially for treatments like eye surgery and colombia medical tourismcosmetic surgery.  In fact, currently there are over 200 medical tour operators in Colombia, each dedicated to finding the best medical treatment for their customers at economical prices.

Health services in Colombia are on a par with top Western practices, but at a fraction of the cost. Doctors and nurses in Colombia are trained to the highest level, with international requirements ensuring that their medical skills and knowledge meet global standards. Colombia houses some of the best universities and educational systems in South America. The vast and growing middle class coupled with the excellent educational system has helped build a world class health care infrastructure.

Colombian medical centers and facilities are state of the art and house some of the best and latest medical equipment.  Most orthopedic surgeries are performed with prosthetics approved by the United States FDA for hip and knee replacements.  These prosthetics are made in the U.S. but are available in Colombia at a fraction of the cost.  Most of the doctors and surgeons in Colombia have either studied or trained in top notch medical centers in the United States or European countries like Britain.  Compared to the United States the staffing and fixed costs like real estate are one fifth of what they are in the United States. These are the primary reasons for the lower cost of treatments in Colombia.

Apart from the low cost of treatment this destination has risen in popularity because of shorter waiting periods for complex procedures.  Colombia also has more patient-friendly organ donor banking regulations compared to the United States and Canada which makes organs more readily available to patients.  Unfortunately the United States has a complicated and unorganized organ banking system which results in long waiting lists for patients.

Bogota is the main center for the best of Colombia's hospitals and specialty medical centers. By far the most popular procedures being carried out by Colombian medical staff and centers are plastic surgery and laser eye surgery. Hair transplants and dentistry are also popular treatments offered by leading health institutes across the city.

Bogota is one of the major cosmopolitan cities in South America on the rise in recent years.  Home to more than seven million people, its the place Colombians go for jobs, pleasure, and most importantly opportunities.  Graceful churches, excellent museums, cultural events and a thriving nightlife can keep you busy for several days. Bogota is also the political, financial and service center for the country, and its geographic heart, making it a useful base from which to explore the country.

Colombia is a lively, vibrant country brimming with life.  It is also home to a thriving modern middle-class that has fueled a growth of culture and excellence.  A fusion of old world charm, modern urbanization and well preserved natural graces balances the best of all worlds.  With cobbled alleyways and colorful landscapes this country is considered to be a world apart from much of South America.

Over the past several years Colombia has emerged once again as a world class tourist destination.  In 2005 one million tourists visited Colombia a jump of 21 percent over the previous year. This emergence is fueled by the Colombian government's spending considerable resources in recent years in promoting a safe and tourist friendly environment for visitors.

Following this substantial increase in visitors to Colombia, the niche for medical tourism was identified and has become a leading attraction for both American and European health travelers. And with that view to the future, people from all over the world are coming back to Colombia for world class medical care and treatment. 

If you are searching for a medical treatment, consider traveling to Colombia for a journey into a land of colonial architecture, great music and vibrant culture.  Colombia is an excellent choice for fun, sun, and a relatively cheap medical experience. Consult one of our doctors to see if they can help you get the care you need.

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