We all know that Panerai Radiomir series is the linear table ear, but in 1940, Panerai in order to meet the needs of the Italian navy, it made very rare straight ear version to replace the linear table ear, and this version of the model is 6152, which is a very precious and rare antique watch, and have been sought after by a large number of watch collectors.

Panerai successfully reproduced the 6152 model in 2012, and launched a new series called 1940, due to this series incorporated the aesthetic essence of Radiomir series and Luminor series, so I think it’s better-looking than any series among all Panerai watches. Radiomir 1940 series has no modern version and only has 7 watches, respectively is 42 mm in diameter with a Minerva16-17 based exquisite manual movement of 513 and 512; and 515 and 514 in the diameter of the 47 mm carrying P3000 movement; and 518, 519 and 520 timing watches launched in SIHH this year. Among all the seven watches here, I recommend 515, although some of them are not suitable for those wearers of thinner wrists because of the table ear, the 513 and 512 of only 42 mm in diameter are too stingy, as for the three new timing watches, because they are new products, it is difficult to buy. If you want to ask me why it is not 514, I can only say that the gold Panerai watch is better-looking than steel Panerai watch. cheap swiss rolex replica If the budget is not enough, 514 is also OK for you, but all in all not so perfect.

swiss rolex cellini replica Among all the Panerai series watches, only the Radiomir 1940 has no modern collection, that means 1940 has no automatic watch at present. Anyway, for a Panerai fan, the Radiomir 1940, especially the PAM00515 is a great watch that is worthy your buying because of its collection value.