In the year of 1884, Breitling was found by Leon Breitling and now it is still a family business. Breitling, at the beginning of foundation, focused on producing chronograph. According to the official news, Breitling is the first one who invented the first single-button and double button watches in 1915 and 1935. In 1940, Breitling added a calculation rule that was pretty critical to do the aviation calculation and was necessary for the pilot in the wartime. This watch finally developed into the NaviTimer, an important series. Back then, it was called 806.

In 1990, Breitling had additional two complication watches: one is the Breitling Navitimer World and another is Navitimer 1461. 1461 means that it needs to adjust only every 1461 days (4 years). In 2009, Breitling further developed and rolled out a B01, a completely home-made movement. it changed many watches from 806 series into B01 movement. In recent year, Breitling has launched many limited edition watches, like Navitimer 1461 with blue dial. Sixty years of development makes it change from the look to the inner movement all the time, but what remains the same is the circular calculation rule. This rule was invented after John Napier, a Scotland mathematician, found the principle of calculating logarithm. Introducing math made many complex mathematician calculation in astronomy, navigation and engineering easier. Breitling introduced this rules and they are pretty useful when doing the transforming between miles and kilometers. This offer great convenience for pilot before calculator came to exist. Nowadays, many planes have large scale of cutting-edge equipment, and pilots are no need to calculate any more, but this rule still be a good mark on the watch. And Breitling Navitimer, with this calculation as its watch movement and unique appearance design and complicated functions, become a powerful and of great influence watches.