Radiomir California 3 Days£¨PAM0042£©mixes the design of the Roman numbers and Arabic numerals scale, though its name is California Dial, it is full of the Avant-garde American customs. What the Radiomir California 3 Days recorded is the nostalgic atmosphere of 1930s and 1940s.

Radiomir California 3 Days in 2012 was using the first face plate design of the Radiomir case – stainless steel pillow case, 47 mm in diameter, linear watch ears, conical surface watch crown, contracted face dial, even under the condition of the light that is extremely weak, it is clearly legible for the time. Face plate also carved the classic California face plate, with the Roman numerals on the upper, and the Arabic numerals at bottom half, at 6 o ‘clock and 9 o ‘clock position there decorated with concise rung symbol, and at the position of the 12 o’clock there is the triangle mark. The only difference is in the details of the face plate, like a sword shape pointer to show it with metal color, so as to be back to the ancient beauty. And it is no longer the time scale at 3 o ‘clock position, adding the date window function display, alternating with Arabic numerals and Roman numerals rendering time scale. At 6 o ‘clock position there joined the favorite OP marks for those Panerai fans, and the word “CALIFORNIA” engraved on the outer at 12 o ‘clock position makes the overall design of face plate is more prominent to regain former nostalgic amorous feelings.

Radiomir California 3 Days watch is carrying with its factory homemade P.3000 manual chain movement, which features the classic big bridge plate structure, and two going barrels providing 3 power storage, through the transparent bottom of the case bottom you can appreciate the elegant demeanour of the movement at the first glimpse.