Everyone must have heard of the term “Swiss-made” before, but where did it all really came from? The history of Swiss watches started way back in the sixteenth century in Geneva when faith based leader Jean Calvin was able to achieve a great amount of influence even in the political aspect of the state. Calvin also played a part in the prohibiting of jewelry and wearing them in public. In order for them to make a living, jewelers in the country had to resort to watch-making. A new craft was established because of this, which in turn increased the competition for this particular industry. A Swiss Watches store Watch makers had to think of new strategies and innovative system in order for them to be able to keep a pace ahead of their competitors.

Some of those classic methods in watch making are still used today. In 1770, the Perpetual watch system was developed by Abraham Louis Perrelet. It was the precursor of today’s self-winding watches. During the early 1800s, Louis Moinet invented the first ever chronograph watch to be mass produced. At present, the global market for Swiss made luxury watches are continually increasing. For hundreds of years, Swiss made watches were able to maintain the same prestige and precision in their watch making technology. This is also one of the major reasons why luxury Swiss made watches are more expensive than other similar type of watches in the market.

But for those who cannot afford the prestigious prices of these watches, another option is available. There are lots of Swiss replica watches available in the market that are made and designed just like the original. The best place to start your search for quality Swiss replica watches is the internet. There are lots of online stores that offer a wide collection of Swiss replica watches where you can choose according to the design, style, and make.