Black Bullet Cosplay Guide

Black Bullet Cosplay Guide

The year 2020 was when humankind fell in the fight against the parasite “intestinal animals”. They were driven by despair, fear and theft.

In such a secluded space of darkness – an teen living in the Tokyo area , called Rentaro Satom. He is an officer of the “individual police” who is an expert on the gut animal that is antigenic, and also engaged in crisis management Final Fantasy Cosplay His companion is Enju Aihara, a precocious young girl.

The government issued a special order to the two men with special capabilities in fighting. It was confidential and intended to keep Tokyo secure.

The near future will be the stage for action heroes full of trembles!

Are you a big fan of this comic? Are you a lover of their clothing? Do you feel the desire to cosplay? Let’s explore the roles.

Rentaro Satomi:

Rentaro was one of the Magata High School second-year student and a promoter for Tendo Civil Security, is the main character. Ten years ago, Rentaro lost his parents in the war against Gastrea Genshin Impact Cosplay He was adopted by the Tendo Family, but was able to leave the family with Kisara. Rentaro suffered amputations to his right leg along with his right arm and left eye in a struggle against Gastrea to defend Kisara which was subsequently saved by Doc’s “New Human Creation Plan” which rebuilt his legs with Varanium. Rentaro is among the few who sympathizes with the cursed children because of his kindness and sincere nature. Rentaro will go to any length to help those in need. This is the reason why many troubled children fall for him. In the beginning the boy is using an XD and is an inexperienced to Tendo-style martial art.

Enju Aihara:

Rentaro’s Model Rabbit Iitiator in Tendo Civil Security is Enju, who is a Cursed Child. She is a resident of Rentaro. She attends elementary school normally until her status as Cursed Child was revealed by the Kagetane Hiruko accident. After that she was forced to transfer to a different school. At first, when she was introduced to Rentaro by the International Initiator Supervising Organization (IISO), Enju had severe trust issues, however this has since improved through being able to get along with Rentaro and eventually becoming obsessed with him-(to the point where she has romantic feelings for him) even though she is only a few years old. She is obsessed with the Tenchuu Girls anime.

Kisara Tendo:

Tendo Civil Security’s president is Kisara. She is originally from the Tendo clan . She was forced to leave the family due to the conflict with Rentaro her former friend from childhood. In the aftermath of witnessing Gastrea kill her parents, Kisara is now unable to operate her kidneys. She believed that her parents’ deaths were the result of the Tendo family and has been seeking the murderers of their family. She is extremely proficient in the Tendo style of martial art, however, she can’t fight for long periods due to her condition. Kisara is drawn to Rentaro. But their efforts to communicate their feelings are often blocked by Enju. Rentaro is concerned about the vengeance obsession of Rentaro on the Tendo clan. She worries that it could result in their dissociation.

Tina Sprou

Tina is the result of Ayn Rand’s mechanized soldiers, and his Model Owl Initiator. Tina was given instructions by Ayn to assassinate Seitenshi however she was deterred by Enju’s intervention. Rentaro defeated her. Seitenshi gave her special treatment and only requested to monitor her She was later employed by Tendo Civil Security when she was released. Later, she forms two with Kisara, while becoming infatuated with Rentaro as she did Enju She is a rival for his attention.

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