PUBG Cosplay Guide

PUBG Cosplay Guidelines

PUBG is a strategic shooting Sandbox game, was invented by Blue Hole. The game is a tactical and competitive shooting sandbox game. PUBG announced on August 9th that it was going to launch “100-day activities” and will run self-examination campaigns for a few months to ensure that players experience more enjoyable gaming. There are currently more than 2 million accounts Cosplay Stores It was also frozen. The game landed on the PS4 platform on the 7th of December, 2018.


Players can only have one character that is free to play the game, if there’s no role available on the server. The character creation panel appears as a default. It lets players choose the name and look they want to use for their character.

The character is customizable by the player to be different hairstyles, genders, and even an outfit Cosplay Sites There are nine different genders as well as six distinct hair styles. What ever characters the player makes the characteristics are the same, and the characters cannot be upgraded and modified. The style and appearance can be reset by spending the appropriate amount of game currency.


The costume comes with two belts. There are many loops to strap things on and an attached pouch. This costume is able to be airbrushed to add realism and flair.

It’s extremely comfortable. Absolutely worth the price. It’s extremely comfortable and secures your hands.

Then is the helmet,it is best thing iv bought for cosplaying!Strengthened the effect of cospaly.And the hip bag is excellent as a your side kick fishing bag!You have both hands free, but needed lures and gear are just a reach away.

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If the role isn’t accessible, the character can only choose only one character. The default character creation panel is displayed that allows the player to select the name and the appearance of their character.

The character can be altered by the player, allowing them to choose a different hairstyle, gender and even costumes. There are nine kinds of hairstyles and genders, along with six different hair colors. The character’s characteristics regardless of the number they have, remain the same regardless of what style they choose to. They cannot be changed or upgraded. Spending a certain amount in-game currency can alter the appearance of your character.


It’s a unique cospaly style which is individual!

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If the role isn’t available, the user can only play only one character. The default character creation tool is displayed, which allows the player to choose the name and appearance for their character.

The players can change the gender of their character hairstyle, dress, and even costume. There are nine genders and six kinds of hairstyles. Whichever character the player chooses to create, the characteristics remain the same. Characters can’t be upgraded or changed. You can change the appearance and feel, by spending in-game money.


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