Noragami Aragoto cosplay guide

Noragami Aragoto cosplay guide

Hiyori Iki was a middle schooler. She was injured in a collision with a bus when she tried to help a stranger. After this accident, her soul begins to disintegrate from her body and she starts to notice the existence of two parallel universes. The Near Shore is where humans and animals live and the Far Shore is where demons live and human souls remain Cosplay Outfit Through her soul, she encounters the bizarre god who has no shrine Yato.

Yato is determined make a name for his self in the world and is willing to accept 5 yen to repair Hiyori’s body. Together with Yato’s Regalia -the weapon of the soul of a deceased human, and named by the god in question -Yukine, Yukine The trio goes through many adventures battling their identities, friendships, and their pasts.

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Yato is a war God who is looking to build his own temple. He was in the past a god of disaster Wanda Costume He is dressed in a scarf and tracksuit, and declares himself “Yato God” (Yatogami).

He is a “delivery god” and is known to write his phone number in public areas , in case anyone requires his assistance. The cost is five yen that’s the amount Japanese are usually charged for praying at shrines. Yato is a fool who invests in luck-based charms and scams promising happiness. Because he “stopped” being God of Calamity because of his dislike for violence, he is forgotten by the majority of people. The result is Yato being afflicted with athazagoraphobia (the fear of being lost).

Hiyori Iki

Hiyori is a human girl who is in the first year at a high school (10th grade). Her uniform is lavender.

After the rescue of Yato from a crash on the bus She transforms into a Half-Phantom, involuntarily falling asleep due to her soul slipping from her body. She’s stuck between the mortal world as well as the eternal world, which she wants Yato to solve. He becomes her most trusted acquaintance and she starts to enjoy more of them. She even smells him. Hiyori refuses the kiss, even though it’s her best chance to get back to normal. There is a hint that she has feelings for Yato and is jealous when he almost drunkenly kisses Bishamon which is known as the God of War. Hiyori shares a sisterly relationship with Yukine and mentors him when he expresses a desire to study. Hikyori Iki who is the main character as well as narrator in the story, is particularly well-known in the manga.


Yukine Yato’s latest Regalia. He’s a charming gentleman wearing a cute hat, and yellow hair.

His Regalia name is “Sekki” . His Regalia form which is a katana, is his. Yukine died at a tender age, making him miss normal life as a teenager. Yato is injured whenever when he is guilty of any crime. Although Yato is Yato’s master, Yukine does not really show Yato respect as much as what he actually shows him respect. After being saved and experiencing an ablution, he becomes more loyal and loyal to Yato and desires to become a Regalia. Similar to Yato, Yukine treasures Hiyori’s existence and worries that Hiyori will forget them as she grows up. Yukine transforms into a blessed vessel after he saves Yato’s life. This is a sign of his devotion and he takes the form of twin katanas.

You can dress up as characters in this comic , if you enjoy it. There are numerous costumes availableat Noragami Aragoto cosplay costume Shop which includes the costumes of the protagonist Kimono, the costume of Bishamon, and the protagonist’s.